January 28, 2020


It’s not your fault, cleaning takes up a lot of time and our busy lives don’t leave much room for this draining routine. Even when we do get around to housework, we often forget to dust those neglected nooks and crannies; about 40 pounds of dust accumulate in your home each year. Excessive dust buildup can be a problem for both your health and well-being. Common dust management techniques exacerbate this problem by flinging dust and other microscopic particles into the air. The surface might look clean, but the air you are breathing in is not. To combat this issue, the Dust Bender was created, an innovative vacuum cleaner attachment that helps to control dust buildup and will forever change the way you clean.

The Dust Bender channels a burst of compressed air to momentarily lift dust and other microscopic particles into the air. Airborne particles are then immediately redirected into your vacuum cleaner. The bidirectional airflows are coordinated to work in unison so that they displace and instantly capture dust and ambient air. This permanently removes the dust and other impurities from your living environment, allowing you to achieve a cleaner home with fewer allergens.

The common house dust mite flourishes in your home where it feeds on flakes of your skin. Its feces induce allergic reactions and are a common cause of asthma. The Dust Bender helps to reduce the number of dust mites in your home by removing them from areas you typically neglect to clean.

The Dust Bender is easily attached to the hose of any standard vacuum cleaner. It features a simple and lightweight design, so you can use it with only one hand.

Any standard can of air can be attached to the Dust Bender. The compressed air is effortlessly activated by pulling a trigger.

The Dust Bender is made from static dissipative plastic, meaning it is ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe. You can use it to clean all your electronic devices, including PCs!

The Dust Bender comes with an optional attachment that can extend its reach, allowing you to clean locations in your home that are not normally accessible.

The Dust Bender works best in semi-enclosed locations that can help to contain the dispersed dust until all of it can be sucked up and permanently removed by your vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to touch anything; you stay clean and your home décor stays in place. And trust me, dusting is a lot less taxing of a chore when you don’t have to remove all your belongings from knickknack-laden shelves (and then put them back just right!)

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