How Dust Affects Technology

If you didn’t know already, technology hates dust. It’s funny how something so small can be so powerful! Not only does dust exacerbate allergies and cause reactions, but it affects other things, too! Especially your computer. Yes, your computer (and all your other technology) hates dust. But how can something so small cause something inanimate Read more about How Dust Affects Technology[…]

How to clean up (and speed up) that server room

After a recent presentation I gave to a group of IT Professionals I took some questions. I still chuckle when people ask if the Dust Bender really bends dust. I haven’t been able to determine if people are asking this tongue and cheek or if they are seriously wanting to know if dust bends. The Read more about How to clean up (and speed up) that server room[…]

We ain’t afraid of no dust!

Our apologies in advance: we couldn’t get Chris Hemsworth to try on our #Dustbender suit. Sorry to disappoint. It appears he found work elsewhere. We reached out to Melissa McCarthey and Kat McKinnon, but they haven’t returned our calls. Stay tuned! In other news… Dust is the menacing cause of allergy attacks everywhere. My wife Read more about We ain’t afraid of no dust![…]

Super-Clean Computer = Super-Fast Computer

I was talking to the owner of a local computer repair company this past weekend. He was commenting on how some people have never, ever cleaned out their computers. The piles of dust that have accumulated within some of the CPUs he’s seen make it hard to imagine just how long they have been accumulating. Read more about Super-Clean Computer = Super-Fast Computer[…]

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