Clean out your gaming consoles! (Your games will run more efficiently)

What’s the number one thing gamers hate?79dc13_c2cf7f0f4e6a45df9709ba559ea069c8 (We took a super official poll for these results…) Gamers hate when their games stop working. (Okay, we didn’t really do a poll, cause this was so obvious.) Ever get to the last level, after hours and hours of gaming, and the game freezes? Frustrating. Right? But, did you know it isn’t always because of a dirty or scratched disc?

Dust buildup can play a major role in causing your gaming system to overheat. When the fan is working nonstop while you’re gaming, the dust builds up. Do you realize how much dust is swirling around inside your gaming system?

Think about this: You’ve had your system for a while. Perhaps you got a new one from the holidays this past year. Or, maybe you’re like one of our clients who has had his original X-Box 360 for almost 6 years. But it’s working 2, 3, 4 or more hours every day.

How often do you clean it out? Have you ever cleaned it out? (P.S. We doubt you have, because who does?)

How are you going to clean it out? The vacuum attachments won’t work because they’re too big and won’t suck up the dust. Take a can of compressed air to the disc drive and blast away? (Ahem, we highly DO NOT recommend this. Plus, all the dust will go everywhere.) Do you unplug it and wash it out in the sink? (We REALLY don’t think that’s a good idea either.) So then, how are you supposed to clean out the system?

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