Cleaning Professionals who want to differentiate

79dc13_2944526953594cf7834a94bcf0106072There are over 1.4 million people employed as maids and housekeepers in the US. There are another 2.3 million people employed as janitors and building cleaners. That’s a lot of people competing for work!

I’ve met several home cleaning professionals. They take their line of work very seriously. In fact, most won’t tell me about some of the real nitty gritty details of their work, but whether it’s a 100,000 square foot maintenance facility, a humongous 14,000 square foot castle, or a modest 1,500 square foot townhouse, cleanliness is cleanliness.

It’s hard to stand out in a crowd of people claiming to all have the same thing: Cleanliness.

Struggling to find a way to differentiate yourself from the other 100 cleaning companies in your area? Do you tell clients that you promise to scrub and scrub and make sure their home is cleaner than anyone else? That sounds like a lot of work and I have a feeling that everyone is saying that. Think about it from your clients’ point of view. They want a surefire reason to trust what you’re saying is true. They want to believe that you can make their home cleaner than anyone else. Here is your differentiator:


The Dust Bender

The Dust Bender is a patent pending dust mitigation tool that provides cleaning professionals with a tangible and effective way to show their clients how clean their home or business will be when they’re done. Click here to read Our Story about the Dust Bender.

Instead of sounding like the rest of the competition and touting the impressiveness of your cleaning abilities, have an Ace up your sleeve. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but sometimes people want to see the secret sauce. They want to know exactly how you plan to give them the cleanliness you’re promising. After all, anyone can go to Walmart and pick up $100 worth of cleaning supplies.

How powerful would it be to show a potential client a short video (click here for a great example) of exactly what you’re talking about; how only you can get their home or office truly clean. Wow! This is a real leg up on the competition. This will help shift your clients thought process from cost or frequency, to value and cleanliness.

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