Does it actually bend dust?

I’ve had the opportunity to share the Dust Bender story with many people at this point. Home makers can’t stop raving about it. IT professionals want to get a few of them in each color. House cleaning professionals want to use it as their secret weapon and get a leg up on the competition. Commercial cleaning companies want to order pallets full of them. It’s the start of a movement!

The more people that I share the Dust Bender story with, the more I get the same questions. I love being able to show the Dust Bender in action (click here to watch a video), but it never fails that I get asked these questions about it:

How did you come up with the idea? I usually tell them the story of my wife and her dust allergies. But I’ll just give you the link: Click here.79dc13_1fa647a81d3c4a2792252a059c83938f

How does the Dust Bender work? The Dust Bender works just like a vacuum. In fact, the Dust Bender has a vacuum attachment. Just like a vacuum, the Dust Bender is constantly using its suction power to gather dust and tiny particles from the air. It’s patent pending design reaches into areas not generally accessible by dusters or other cleaning tools.

Why is the Dust Bender so effective? What makes the Dust Bender work so effectively is the can of compressed air, or an air compressor for industrial applications, mounted just next to the trigger of the Dust Bender. The combo design allows for thorough cleaning of areas with sensitive or fragile items without possibly knocking them over with a duster or moving them.

79dc13_7e00a6593d7642b6a2e30f79d5a9e919Does it actually bend dust? (Possibly my favorite question!) To be honest, it’s hard to tell. I don’t think it bends particles of dust. However, it does tend to gather all the loose particles from a given area and when you watch it in slow motion (click here), it looks like bending to me.

What is it made of? The Dust Bender is made from a static dissipating ESD plastic so dust doesn’t stick to it.

Can I help the story?  Do you know someone with dust allergies or asthma? Please share this article with them.

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