Dust Mitigation at its Finest

Did it take a memorable, yet horrible, encounter with dust for you to discover you have allergies? Mine was awful. I almost died. The dust was everywhere! No matter how often I clean my desk (and my coworkers’ desks), my bookshelves, my counters, the fan blades, tops of everything else I see when I’m up there, I am amazed at how much nasty dust accumulates. There is just no escaping the dust.

I had been at my first job for about a year when I realized a few things about dust. First, dust is more than just this harmless gray stuff that covers everything. Second, I am deathly allergic to dust. Third, using damp rag to clean it up is not a good idea.79dc13_48db3044a8884458a1a73d862f3dd61f

One afternoon, when no other employees were at the building, my manager and I decided to clean some things that didn’t get quite enough attention by the cleaning people during their regular visits. I took it upon myself to clean the tops of the all the cabinets. (Okay, I admit this wasn’t the smartest idea, but I knew it would be dirty!) The dust up there was not harmless soft gray dust; it was like several small animals shed their entire coats and caked the top with inches of hardened dust.

Armed with a tiny damp rag, I scrubbed rigorously to get the dust off of the surface it had clung to for who knows how long. As I’m scrubbing, the dust begins to get into the air and ends up all over the place. All over me, all over my face, all over the walls, all over the floors. Everywhere.

Immediately, I felt my throat hurting and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe how much dust I just inhaled. I might die from all the little dust mites, dead skin cells, hair, and whatever other nasty combination of things I just inhaled.”

No matter how much water I drank the rest of the day, my throat continued to bother me.

The very next day, I was sicker than a dog. It was like a train had hit me. I couldn’t breathe. I went to the doctor who, after a test or two, told me I was allergic to the dust. I felt like I was going to die just because I decided to clean the tops of the pop machines.

In a professional work environment or your home, cleanliness is important.79dc13_1fa647a81d3c4a2792252a059c83938f When cleaning up dust, don’t use rags,

dusters, cans of compressed air or anything else that just launches the dust into the air. Dust doesn’t need to be moved around, it needs to be cleaned up. You want to make sure the place where you spend a lot of time (like your office space or your home) is as clean as possible. Dust can get into some hard to reach places, it can hide, it can disperse, and it can be inhaled when you least expect it.

It’s stories just like this one that helped motivate me to invent the Dust Bender.

A Dust Bender sucks the dust up, with the help of a vacuum, and gently helps the dust off the surface you’re cleaning, with the help of a can of compressed air. Unlike other cleaning tools that can’t always reach into small spaces (like behind your TV, in between items on a shelf, or in your china cabinet), the Dust Bender completely remove dust from even the smallest applications.

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