How to clean up (and speed up) that server room

After a recent presentation I gave to a group of IT Professionals I took some questions. I still chuckle when people ask if the Dust Bender really bends dust. I haven’t been able to determine if people are asking this tongue and cheek or if they are seriously wanting to know if dust bends. The most interesting question I got was about server rooms. Many IT professionals seem to be very concerned with cleanliness of server rooms as they’ve realized it represents their work. No IT professional wants to have a client come look at their new server room and it look like this: server 1

They would much rather put in a little more work and be able to show off a server room that looks like this:

server 2

Proper cabling is great. It looks very clean when you can install a brand new server room like this one. But the IT Professional at my presentation wasn’t asking about cabling. His question was about existing server rooms that are nasty and dusty. He wanted to know, “How can he quickly and efficiently clean out the dust?”

I asked him a few more clarifying questions and learned that he had tried using a vacuum and an air compressor at one of the dustiest server rooms he’s ever seen. I told him about our industrial attachment, which allows the Dust Bender to fit onto air compressors. By the look on his face, I could tell he wished he had this months ago when he visited his new favorite client.

This IT Professional told me that often times cleaning out a server room gives his clients a visible sense of accomplishment. He also said that cleaning out a server room of all the dust can also speed up the computing speed.

If you’re an IT Professional who deals with dirty server rooms, we’d love to hear your stories. More importantly, we’d love to get your feedback on the Dust Bender and how it might be able to help your business.

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