Office places that never get cleaned

How much time do you spend in your office? A few hours more than you’d like to admit? How clean is your desk space? Maybe you’re the clean freak in the office who has a Costco membership only for hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, disinfectant spray, and Vitamin C. Or, maybe you’re the one who comes to work sick to be “a trooper”, but everyone else is running to get hand sanitizer or cleaning wipes from the Costco guy. Either way, we all spend a lot of time at work. Why not make sure it’s really clean?

Before I give you this list, it’s important to note that you might find yourself cleaning while you’re reading. That’s totally normal!

Okay. Here’s a list of the most common office places that never get cleaned:

The keyboard. Oh, I’m not talking about wiping it down with disinfectant. I’m sure you do that every Monday morning. No. I’m talking about all the dead skin cells and dust that find their way down between the keys and accumulate dust. This area is usually never cleaned out. How do you clean it out you ask? Well, if you grab a can of compressed air and try that, you’ll end up with spreading the dust and skin cells around the office. Your coworkers might not be as impressed with your clean keyboard as you are!

The mouse. Especially Trackball Mice. Just like the keyboard, your hands are touching this all day long.79dc13_7e00a6593d7642b6a2e30f79d5a9e919 Clicking around on Facebook, updating your status, or checking your email, your hands are touching your mouse all day. You probably wipe it down every week just like your keyboard. But when was the last time you thought about how much dust is in the mouse?

Tops of cabinets. Don’t think the dust up there matters? Well, it’s a great place for dust to gather and for dust mites (that you can’t even see) to multiply and spread. Wiping it down can actually just spread the dust around or send it airborne. This can make some of your coworkers a little unhappy and even trigger some allergic reactions to the dust. Instead, use the Dust Bender to collect the dust with the suction power of a vacuum while it is gently blown it into the air with blasts from a can of compressed air.

Behind books. I have a stack of books that I’ve promised dozens of people I’d get to. (Don’t leave me hanging here!) Many office spaces have piles, boxes, or shelves with books. When was the last time you took them down, thoroughly cleaned the space where they were, wiped down the books themselves, and put everything back? Is this on your quarterly cleaning list? Did it make your list at all?

Behind the printer. Wow. Did you just get back from checking to see how bad it looks back there? I can’t imagine you disconnect the printer, take it down from its usual spot, wipe each one down, then put it back, and remember exactly where each cable goes. Hey, if you do, that’s awesome! But why go through all that to get it cleaned?

Cold air exchange and vents. Just look around the office for a second. Where does the hot air come from? (Stop looking for your boss!) Are the vents and cold air exchanges super sparkly? No? When was the last time they were taken down and cleaned? Do you even know where a ladder is?

79dc13_1fa647a81d3c4a2792252a059c83938fBut wait! It doesn’t need to be this difficult to get the office clean!

The Dust Bender’s patent pending design was created specifically with these applications in mind. With the Dust Bender, you won’t need to worry about all the hassle of ladders, cables, and dust. Simply find a vacuum, a can of compressed air and attach your Dust Bender. The time it takes to clean down the office will seem like nothing with how fun the Dust Bender is to use. Also, you won’t be sending the dust into the air and onto your coworker’s space. It will get sucked up into the vacuum.

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