Super-Clean Computer = Super-Fast Computer

image 26 - super clean super fast

I was talking to the owner of a local computer repair company this past weekend. He was commenting on how some people have never, ever cleaned out their computers. The piles of dust that have accumulated within some of the CPUs he’s seen make it hard to imagine just how long they have been accumulating. During part of our conversation, he jokingly said, “It’s amazing how much faster a clean computer runs than a dirty one.” What he was referring to is how simple maintenance of computers can help prolong their life and also increase their processing speed.

Not only is keeping a clean PC a great idea for personal hygiene reasons, there are performance-related reasons to consider cleaning out your PC, too. Dust accumulation within a CPU actually heats up when the computer runs. This causes the processing speed to suffer. Our recommendation: Clean out your computer with a Dust Bender. We always say, “A super-clean computer is a super-fast computer.”

Many IT professionals know how to blast all the dust out of a computer enclosure. In fact, another friend of mine in the IT industry said his team of technicians literally take CPUs outside to blast with cans of compressed air. They don’t want to have the dust floating around inside where everyone is working. I wish you could have seen the delightful look on his face when I showed him the video:

I asked him what his technicians did to clean out a server that’s bolted into place. He said they just use a vacuum and try to get as much as possible. After he saw this video though, he placed an order with us so each member of his team could be equipped with a Dust Bender. He said he wants it to be his team’s differentiator when talking to clients about cleanliness. It’s music to our ears.

Before you take the case off the computer, you can visually inspect the exterior and see if the Dust Bender should be applied to exhaust fans and air filters. This is especially important if you have a traditional hard disc drive. Solid state drives don’t actually rotate when operating, so the dust accumulation is typically lower. Regardless of the type of hard drive in your computer, you should clean it out every so often. Once a quarter is a good start.

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