Vacuuming Techniques

Assuming you enjoy vacuuming (who doesn’t?), there are several techniques to make sure your efforts are maximized. If you don’t enjoy vacuuming, an easy way to get motivated for it is planning out a reward for when you’ve finished. Think chocolate, Mani Pedi, shopping spree, etc. You get the picture. Vacuuming isn’t like mowing the Read more about Vacuuming Techniques[…]

When is it time to replace the carpet?

We’ve all been there, putting off replacing the carpet. Do you have any idea how much dust, grime, and dead skin cells are in your carpet? When you vacuum, does your vacuum appear to not pick anything up? It might be time to replace your carpet. Here are some other obvious signs that it’s time: Read more about When is it time to replace the carpet?[…]

Wait. ANY Vacuum??

The Dust Bender attaches to any vacuum and is a necessary addition for any clean-house-lover. By attaching to any vacuum, the Dust Bender is literally a universal solution. According to an article from VacuumsGuide.com, 95% of Americans have a vacuum cleaner. (Frankly, I’m shocked that it isn’t 100%.) If you take the 124.6 million household Read more about Wait. ANY Vacuum??[…]

Why do we love IT Professionals so much?

We know IT Professionals work tireless hours and are often the recipients of phone calls from clients in a panic because their server is down, their printer doesn’t work, or their email isn’t sending. (We know all of these things could cause your life to go into a tizzy.) Most IT Professionals know that dust Read more about Why do we love IT Professionals so much?[…]

Your nose is pointing to more than you think

All day, our nose is giving us signals. It’s telling our brains about smells (some smells are better than others) and enhancing our sense of taste. The nose is responsible for sending the brain signals. But how does it actually work? Here’s what Brainfacts.org says: Smell begins at the back of nose, where millions of Read more about Your nose is pointing to more than you think[…]

Why am I sick every time I dust the house?

If you’re like “the old me” (before I got a Dust Bender) and got sick after dusting the house every time, cleaning can become even more annoying. Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Why am I sick every time I dust the house?” Maybe you have, and you’ve moved on to the next logical question, Read more about Why am I sick every time I dust the house?[…]

Throw that nasty duster away!

At Dust Bender, we are sorta-kinda totally obsessed with cleanliness and data mitigation. From dust to grime, we despise it all. We recently discovered how much nastiness is hanging around that old dingy duster. Here’s how we came to our conclusion that there is dust clinging to that nasty duster. First, you buy a new Read more about Throw that nasty duster away![…]

Super-Clean Computer = Super-Fast Computer

I was talking to the owner of a local computer repair company this past weekend. He was commenting on how some people have never, ever cleaned out their computers. The piles of dust that have accumulated within some of the CPUs he’s seen make it hard to imagine just how long they have been accumulating. Read more about Super-Clean Computer = Super-Fast Computer[…]

Dust Implications with Infants and Children

Welcoming that new addition to the family is a ton of fun. (You might not sleep very much, but it’s well worth it!) I’m sure the house is super clean and ready to have little Suzy or Billy crawling to and fro. Their tiny bodies have highly susceptible immune systems and, when exposed to dust, Read more about Dust Implications with Infants and Children[…]

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