Throw that nasty duster away!

At Dust Bender, we are sorta-kinda totally obsessed with cleanliness and data mitigation. From dust to grime, we despise it all. We recently discovered how much nastiness is hanging around that old dingy duster. Here’s how we came to our conclusion that there is dust clinging to that nasty duster. First, you buy a new Read more about Throw that nasty duster away![…]

Dust Related IT Failures

Dust impacts more than just your allergies and health. Many IT Professionals say dust buildup causes computers to overheat. In fact, in 2012, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board said that the accumulation of dust caused a flash fire in New Jersey. Here’s the article: CSB: Poor Design, Failure to Test Dust Collection System Among Causes Read more about Dust Related IT Failures[…]

Symptoms and Triggers of Dust Mite Allergies

You may not be allergic to dust, pollen, or pets so you may think, “Eh, what’s the big deal?” Well, lucky you! You don’t get the sniffles and don’t cough all the time. Just because you don’t get the sniffles doesn’t mean dust doesn’t affect you. Here are some Common Symptoms of Dust Allergies: Sneezing, Read more about Symptoms and Triggers of Dust Mite Allergies[…]

Cleaning Professionals who want to differentiate

There are over 1.4 million people employed as maids and housekeepers in the US. There are another 2.3 million people employed as janitors and building cleaners. That’s a lot of people competing for work! I’ve met several home cleaning professionals. They take their line of work very seriously. In fact, most won’t tell me about Read more about Cleaning Professionals who want to differentiate[…]

Dust Mitigation at its Finest

Did it take a memorable, yet horrible, encounter with dust for you to discover you have allergies? Mine was awful. I almost died. The dust was everywhere! No matter how often I clean my desk (and my coworkers’ desks), my bookshelves, my counters, the fan blades, tops of everything else I see when I’m up Read more about Dust Mitigation at its Finest[…]

History The History of Dust Mitigation

Dust Mitigation is a term used for “controlling dust” and has been a household question for most homemakers for as long as there have been homes. People have tried many different “solutions” to eliminate the dust from their home. Unfortunately, many of these solutions end up just spreading the dust around and into the air. Read more about History The History of Dust Mitigation[…]

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