How to clean up (and speed up) that server room

After a recent presentation I gave to a group of IT Professionals I took some questions. I still chuckle when people ask if the Dust Bender really bends dust. I haven’t been able to determine if people are asking this tongue and cheek or if they are seriously wanting to know if dust bends. The Read more about How to clean up (and speed up) that server room[…]

Clean out your gaming consoles! (Your games will run more efficiently)

What’s the number one thing gamers hate? (We took a super official poll for these results…) Gamers hate when their games stop working. (Okay, we didn’t really do a poll, cause this was so obvious.) Ever get to the last level, after hours and hours of gaming, and the game freezes? Frustrating. Right? But, did Read more about Clean out your gaming consoles! (Your games will run more efficiently)[…]

Dust Related IT Failures

Dust impacts more than just your allergies and health. Many IT Professionals say dust buildup causes computers to overheat. In fact, in 2012, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board said that the accumulation of dust caused a flash fire in New Jersey. Here’s the article: CSB: Poor Design, Failure to Test Dust Collection System Among Causes Read more about Dust Related IT Failures[…]

Dust Mitigation at its Finest

Did it take a memorable, yet horrible, encounter with dust for you to discover you have allergies? Mine was awful. I almost died. The dust was everywhere! No matter how often I clean my desk (and my coworkers’ desks), my bookshelves, my counters, the fan blades, tops of everything else I see when I’m up Read more about Dust Mitigation at its Finest[…]

Does it actually bend dust?

I’ve had the opportunity to share the Dust Bender story with many people at this point. Home makers can’t stop raving about it. IT professionals want to get a few of them in each color. House cleaning professionals want to use it as their secret weapon and get a leg up on the competition. Commercial Read more about Does it actually bend dust?[…]

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