Throw that nasty duster away!

image 24 - finalAt Dust Bender, we are sorta-kinda totally obsessed with cleanliness and data mitigation. From dust to grime, we despise it all. We recently discovered how much nastiness is hanging around that old dingy duster. Here’s how we came to our conclusion that there is dust clinging to that nasty duster.

First, you buy a new duster from the local grocery or home improvement store. You probably went with the expensive one, because you’re health conscious and want to protect your family. (Are we close so far?)

Second, you go home right away and whip it out to start dusting everything you can think of. All that dust has been piling up for God only knows how long. Behind the dresser, on top of the window frames, below the fridge, and even the high corners in the family room. There’s dust everywhere. And now, ask yourself this: Where did all the dust go? Hey! It’s all stuck to your new duster.

Where does the duster go? It goes into a dark place under your sink or in the pantry. (Okay, it’s hard to know where everyone puts their duster, but it’s probably dark.) Next time you want to dust, pull it out again and get back to spreading all the dust back all over your house. And you wonder why you get sick after dusting every time?

Throw that nasty duster away!

Do you know how much dust sticks to the Dust Bender? Try ZERO! We designed the Dust Bender, and its extension wand, with a static dissipative plastic. It doesn’t collect dust.

Think about this next time you go to pick up your duster to spread germs around the house: You could be using a Dust Bender.

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