We ain’t afraid of no dust!


Our apologies in advance: we couldn’t get Chris Hemsworth to try on our #Dustbender suit. Sorry to disappoint. It appears he found work elsewhere. We reached out to Melissa McCarthey and Kat McKinnon, but they haven’t returned our calls. Stay tuned!

In other news… Dust is the menacing cause of allergy attacks everywhere. My wife had debilitating migraines no matter how much we cleaned, vacuumed, and dusted. Then we went to the doctor and found out she is allergic to dust mites. From that day on I’ve made Dust Mitigation my life’s passion and I invented the Dust Bender. I specifically created the universal vacuum attachment as a way to get rid of even the most difficult to reach dusty areas. Now, armed with the Dust Bender, we ain’t afraid of no dust!

Do dust mites haunt your household? Did you know that dust mites live in dust? This is why many people start sneezing or coughing shortly after they start dusting with a traditional duster. Traditional dusters tend to spread dust around and sometimes even into the air. Then, while you’re cleaning, you breathe in the dust mites and voila, you start sneezing.

Truth be told: We might not be paranormal experts. We might not even be parapsychology professors from New York City. But we are Dust Mitigation experts and, most importantly, we ain’t afraid of no dust (or nasty dust mites).


What many people don’t know is that HEPA air-filtering devices are a great solution for dust mitigation. Dust mites don’t remain airborne for too long, so they aren’t effective. The Dust Bender pushes the dust directly into the air so the vacuum can suck it all up. The Dust Bender is a much more active approach, than a passive HEPA air-filtering device.

Other solutions are traditional feather dusters. We’ve even noticed some synthetic dusters, but those aren’t effective either. Don’t make the mistake of dusting with a traditional duster again! Get your Dust Bender today. Then you too can say, “We ain’t afraid of no dust!”

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