When is it time to replace the carpet?

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We’ve all been there, putting off replacing the carpet. Do you have any idea how much dust, grime, and dead skin cells are in your carpet? When you vacuum, does your vacuum appear to not pick anything up? It might be time to replace your carpet. Here are some other obvious signs that it’s time:

You’re padding is showing. If you’re walking on the actual padding (that’s supposed to be below the carpet itself), it might be time to replace the carpet. Go ahead and check out the local carpeting store, pick out some new colors and padding, and schedule the install. No amount of vacuuming will rejuvenate your well-worn carpet. Sorry. Now is the time.

There is no padding. If the carpet (especially on the stairs) is worn down past the padding, it is definitely time to replace the carpet. You might not think it’s a big deal, but your body (specifically, your knees) likes that little extra padding when going up and down the stairs. If the stairs get a lot of traffic, consider replacing the carpet for wood stairs.

Vacuuming carpet like hardwood. If you don’t need to change the setting on your vacuum when you go from the hard wood floor to the carpet, (because the carpet is so matted down it’s like a hard wood floor), it is probably safe to assume that you need to replace the carpet. In this case, our vacuuming techniques won’t help give your carpet a taste of eternal life. Time for the carpet to go.

Your kids ask about replacing the carpet. If your kids are like ours, or any of their friends, they need to be reminded to make their bed and pick up after themselves. But, if they are asking you about replacing the carpet (even with a limited sense of cleanliness), it is probably time to start shopping for deals.

Thought of some other obvious signs that it’s time to replace the carpet? Leave them in the comments. Do none of these obvious signs apply to you? Great! Here are some, less obvious, signs that it’s time to replace the carpet.

You just moved in. Before you move all your furniture in, replace the carpet. It’s way easier to rip up the old stuff and install fresh new padding and carpet when there’s no furniture. Also, it’s impossible to know how frequently the previous owners vacuumed, what they may have spilled, or what chemicals they used to clean. You’ll probably feel better too!

You’re expecting. That little addition to your family will spend a lot of time on the carpet, but their immune system isn’t as strong as yours. Add changing the carpet to the ever-growing list of things that need to happen before you welcome your little bundle of joy to the world.

You’ve refinanced your mortgage. What in the world does refinancing your mortgage have to do with changing the carpet? Simple, refinancing usually means you’re re-committing to staying in the house for a while. Probably time to use some of the money you’re saving from the refinance to change out the carpet. Talk to your loan officer, but you might even be able to get the cash needed for the carpet during your transaction.

You are diagnosed with dust mite allergies. Being allergic to dust stinks. Constantly having to vacuum the carpet, or face the unpleasant consequences of your allergies, can be annoying and time consuming. You might want to think about replacing the carpet with hard-wood floors as this is much easier to clean and much less likely for dust mites to accumulate.

What are some other not-so-obvious signs that it’s time to replace the carpet?

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