Why am I sick every time I dust the house?

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If you’re like “the old me” (before I got a Dust Bender) and got sick after dusting the house every time, cleaning can become even more annoying. Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Why am I sick every time I dust the house?” Maybe you have, and you’ve moved on to the next logical question, “What can I do about it?” Here’s my story.

I would dust every other day for hours. I just couldn’t believe how much dust accumulated in what felt like just a few hours. It was crazy! The sneezing always helped make dusting and cleaning such a pleasant experience (can you sense the sarcasm??).

I realized that simply “dusting” the house actually causes some of the dust particles (filled with dust mites and other grossness) to float around your house. The airborne dust is a major cause of irritations in your respiratory system. These irritations are part of what causes the sneezing and coughing. If you’re allergic to dust mites, like me, then the sneezing and coughing can get pretty serious and quite debilitating.

This is part of the reason I invented the Dust Bender.

What’s a Dust Bender? The Dust Bender is a simple to use universal, vacuum attachment that doesn’t let the dust particles float around your house and make you sick. It’s universal, because I invented the Dust Bender to attach to any vacuum cleaner’s hose. Yes, any. Hopefully, your vacuum is a HEPA vacuum, but at the end of the day, the Dust Bender will attach to any vacuum cleaner’s hose. Another cool feature is that it hooks up to any can of compressed air to gently blow the dust off the cleaning surface and removes the dust from the air with the power of a vacuum. Check out this cool video: [YouTube Video]

Getting sick stinks. Dusting and cleaning all the time stinks too! Using the Dust Bender to dust will significantly reduce the amount of dust in the air after you’ve dusted and help the frequency of your dust allergy symptoms.

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