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Our Goal

Our goal is to help improve the lives of people with dust related allergies and empower anyone with a vacuum to eliminate dust in places that no other duster on the market can reach. The Dust Bender is a universal attachment that fits on to any standard vacuum cleaner. It bidirectionally channels airflow to push dust and other particles into the air, while simultaneously directing airborne particles through the hose of your vacuum cleaner. The key here is precision, as both air flows are specifically coordinated so that the displaced particles are immediately captured. This effectively removes dust and other impurities from your living environment, allowing you to have a cleaner home with fewer allergens.

Read how this woman’s allergies got so bad that the Dust Bender was born!

Why Use Dust Bender

Your not cleaning as well as you think you are

Approximately 40 pounds of dust accumulate in your home each year. Excessive dust buildup is harmful to both your health and your home, but we often avoid dusting due to the frustration and exhaustion that comes along with it. The beauty of the Dust Bender is that you don’t have to touch anything, you stay clean and your home décor stays in place, saving you time and energy. Because the Dust Bender is so easy to use, you can clean these areas in a fraction of the time and help control residual dust buildup.

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