The Dustbender Relaunch

The Dustbender Relaunch

Shannon Potenzo

People who are allergic to dust are actually allergic to dust mites and the matter they leave behind. The Dust Bender was designed to help protect those who suffer from dust allergies, but it’s perfect for those who simply love having a clean space. Cleaning an entire home, office, or other space can become difficult with standard dusters, as they fling the dust around, and reaching inaccessible areas is a nightmare.

Dust accumulates everywhere, even if you can’t see it fully. From inside entertainment centers, on collectable shelves, inside a PC, between DVDs and CDs, ceiling fans, vents, and so many other areas, dust can hide for years without being properly cleaned out. However, those with severe enough allergies will know it is there. Even if you don’t have allergies, check out this Google search describing what accumulates in dust. It’s enough—at least for us—to cringe at.

We are happy to announce that the Dust Bender is undergoing a relaunch! Our mission is to help those who suffer from allergies to live a more joyful life. Our creator’s wife suffered from extreme migraines due to severe sinus congestion. When they found out she was allergic to dust, they knew they needed to come up with a life-long solution to keep their home clean. That is when the Dust Bender was born.

The Dust Bender can attach to ANY (yes, any!) vacuum. It is a necessary addition for any allergy-sufferer, clean-house lover, gamer, office manager, or anyone who enjoys a clean, dust-free space. When the Dust Bender is attached to any vacuum, it uses the power of the vacuum combined with the special design of the Dust Bender to blast dust and make it disappear (into the vacuum, that is).

The Dust Bender is designed with a can of air attached. By pulling the trigger on the Dust Bender, it blasts the surface with the canned air, sending all the dust particles flying into the air. But unlike its duster counterparts, the Dust Bender’s ability to attach to a vacuum allows the vacuum to suck up all the dust that the Dust Bender just cleared out of the way.

Nobody wants to be sick or debilitated from silly dust mites! Using a Dust Bender to dust your home, office, or other space will significantly reduce the amount of dust flowing through the air. Any air flow in a room will send microscopic dust particles through the air. Ridding your space of all dust to begin with helps to reduce the frequency of your dust allergy symptoms. Now is the time to throw your old duster away and invest in a Dust Bender!

Don’t miss this opportunity to alleviate your, or your family’s, allergy symptoms. Even if you just love a clean space, clearing the dust away will make the air better to breathe for everyone. You can count on Dust Bender to help make life joyful again. Buy your Dust Bender today!