Dust Bender Makes Cleaning Easy

Dust Bender Makes Cleaning Easy

Shannon Potenzo

If you suffer from allergies due to dust mites, spring cleaning may not seem that exciting. With allergies, you have to be mindful of how much dust accumulates in your home year-round, not just in the spring. Although deep spring cleanings date back hundreds of years across several cultures, many people take the opportunity of warmer weather to open their windows and scrub away the winter fog.

Dust Bender makes cleaning easy year-round, not just in the spring. For allergy sufferers, the Dust Bender can be your best and most useful tool for clearing away dust. It’s easy to use, efficient, and effective. You can remove the dust from your home much more quickly and easily than with a traditional duster, and you can clean more areas with the Dust Bender than a traditional duster.

Baseboards, Molding, Doors

The small ledge on baseboards and tiny crevices of moldings can house tons of dust! Not to mention the tops of doors and inside the latch. These sneaky dust smugglers can harbor dust, exacerbating allergy symptoms. Plus, if there are any cracks in your baseboards or molding, dust will begin to accumulate in there too. Dusting these areas can be tricky, since they are so small. It can also just spread the dust around to the floor, which you don’t want.

The Dust Bender makes cleaning these small nooks and crannies easier than ever. With the Dust Bender’s ability to attach to any vacuum, you just need to blast these areas with the can of air attached to the Dust Bender—your vacuum will then remove the dust from the air forever. Don’t let these sneaky places exacerbate your allergies!

Curtains, Clothes, Bedding

Part of traditional spring cleaning is washing the comforter, curtains, and unused clothes in our closets. These are areas that are breeding grounds for dust mites and accumulate a ton of dust during the months. You should definitely make sure to wash what you can, in hot water to kill the mites, and use Dust Bender on the items you can’t throw in the washing machine. Plus, the Dust Bender is a great tool to use in-between cleanings.

The Dust Bender can blast dust off any surface, not just hard ones. You can use the Dust Bender to clean couches, curtains, clothes, mattresses, and more. All you have to do is use it the same way you would on a hard surface—it’s that easy. Once you complete your linen spring cleaning, keep them maintained year-round with the Dust Bender.

Ceiling Fan, Vents, HVAC

It’s vital to clean these areas of your home, especially if you suffer from dust mite allergies. These areas circulate air around your home; if they are left dusty and dirty, you can be certain that dust and dirt are now circulating around your home. Cleaning these areas has never been easier; the Dust Bender can remove all the dust accumulating in these areas, ensuring they are out of your air circulation. Just remember to change your HVAC’s air filter every quarter too!

Your Cleaning Savior

The Dust Bender was specifically invented to help those who suffer from dust mite allergies. From stuffy noses, to chronic migraines, allergies are no joke. Our creator had had enough of pushing the dust around with a duster; it was time to rid the home of dust for good. Thus, the Dust Bender was born. Whatever the season, Dust Bender is ready to help you make cleaning easy. If you’re ready to take your cleaning to the next level, order the Dust Bender today. Your body will thank you.